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$20 the discount is 10%
The script will help you to organize a simple online store with shipping order EMail.

Prices of imported Excel-file template

If your catalog has a different structure - contact, discuss.

Easy installation - the table in the database are automatically generated.

Form a unique title and description for better indexing by search engines.

Use templates Smarty, which greatly facilitates changing the site design.

It provides feedback form and just a content management system (publication html-pages).

In version 5.1. Added currency selection (setting via configuration file), and add to the cart without reloading the page (using AJAX)

Version 5.1.1 added site search

Version 5.2

- Improved product search

- Export to xml format

- Formation of the start page (showcase)

- Preservation orders on the site, accessed through the Control Panel

- Management of currencies from the control panel

Version 5.21

- The control panel added WYSIWYG-editor to enter / edit descriptions

Hosting Requirements: PHP, MySQL.
Working Example site

There is a demonstration of the control panel.

Before purchasing be sure to check funktsionalnostyuna specified demo site

On the question of individual development, please contact via the feedback form demo site

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