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The main features of osCommerce VaM Edition STS:

1. The default directory for the Russian language and the administrator. Second language - English.

2. Easy change of design.

3. Convenient templates.

4. Customer Support in Russian within three months after purchase.

5. Detailed documentation in Russian

6. established the most necessary, in my opinion, modules, now you do not need to waste time on installation, configuration, and the translation into Russian modules, install the distribution and you have a ready online store.

7. A quick fix errors found.

8. Free updates.

9. Free Templates.

10. Free plug-ins.

11. Free store localization modules into other languages.
For more information visit:

Information on installing and setting up shop in my guide

To get access to updates, modules, those. the support you need to contact me after buying the online store.

I will let you access data services on its website.


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